Mark Hunter on WordPress Workflows

Mark created an oustanding presentation showing us the ins and outs of WordPress.

If you would like to see the replay please check it out here

Inside this presentation you’ll find the slides and tools you can use to improve your WordPress skills from process, to design and even copy.

More about Mark Hunter

In his own words…

Yes I’m a total tech geek – just thinking about the server elegantly processing a request is pure joy and excitement for me. 😉

While I do not directly involve myself in the market process, I build you the marketing roads that get you there. And I’ll do it by starting where you are. Let’s face it, not everybody wants an entire website rebuild.

On the other hand, I’ll be totally up front and honest with you if your website is not working. Ultimately the choice will always be yours!

I’m a firm believer of being an action taker. Sure, I come up with great strategies but I see myself as a powerful implementor. Not just an ideas man.

Mark’s favourite Quote

Squat or get off the pot!

Comment below with any questions you have on WordPress.

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