What To Do When Your Browser Is Buggy

One of my colleagues was having a head-pounding issue with her browser. Somehow it was unstable and crashing a lot, lagging, and probably a lot worse!

She asked me how she could access our project management system without the headaches her nasty browser tormented her with!

So here are the suggestions I gave her. And I advise you to consider these when having issues with a web browser’s stability.

Option 1, Is to use another browser. She was originally using Firefox. Google Chrome worked smoothly. But so did the private Firefox browsing mode.

Option 2, I suggested she try deleting her cookies and cache. And if you follow suit, be sure not to delete your browser history. Note too, if you delete your cookies, you will have to log back into everything like Facebook.

Option 3, I suggested she check the addons she was using and try disabling them all. I also suggested she try troubleshooting mode. She was using Firefox. But previously knowing it worked in Private mode made me consider it was an issue with an addon.

Option 4, If the issue with Firefox does not resolve, and she wants to use Firefox, there is a mirror browser called Firefox Developer edition. I told her the red Firefox will look like a blue firefox label to help identify the browser.

Google Chrome itself allows you to create guest browsers. I am not sure if Firefox has that option.

I hope this helps you troubleshoot clunky browser issues.

Many times you’ll find the issues are caused by grumpy addons.

I hope you found this tech troubleshooting guide informative. If you found this helped solve your issues and relieve your headache, you may like to consider subscribing to our channel or leaving a comment on other ways you have tried to solve this issue.

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