Speaker Lauren Clemett Invites Us to find Media Opportunities

Lauren Clemett, of Audacious Agency, is a really chilled but highly professional speaker from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

I was so grateful she chose to speak at our Virtual Summit, the Freelancers Process & Workflows Symposium.

Lauren’s entire process is about helping you create a powerful and scalable personal brand where clients come looking for you! But creating a personal brand does not mean you get to hide in your man cave all day long and dive under the desk when the phone rings – ask me how I know! 😏

So let’s take some time to see how Lauren can help us:

Join Lauren’s Free Newsletter for Media Opportunities

If you are looking to take your branding engagement to the next level, you’ll really want to find media opportunities for guest blogging, speaking, being a podcast guest etc…

Lauren’s Weekly Rocket Newsletter will show you handpicked and curated opportunities to contribute to your field of knowledge.

Grab a subscription to the Weekly Rocket – it’s free and comes out each Wednesday AND is jam-packed with opportunities to be a speaker, podcast guest, guest blogger or be in the media, win awards and loads more to build a profile.

Weekly Rocket
Join here

And don’t forget to check out Lauren’s Facebook group

If you want to meet with other members and form Strategic Relationships where someone gets to interview you or you refer them to a colleague looking for a guest blogger etc, then request access here!


Lauren’s Website and Programs

For sure, check out Lauren’s main website and see if there are any programs you feel may help you or your colleagues.

Once again I’d like to thank Lauren and I’d like us all to consider commenting below thanking her and even posting any questions we may have about her newsletter or branding programs.

Side Note Trivia

Lauren uses a really cool WordPress built-in, system. It also feeds into a little known marketing process my mentor, Justin Popovic called The Freebie Portal.

Here’s how it works: She releases the password to the individual blog posts, via her newsletter, so subscribers can access their media opportunities. This encourages you to really keep an eye out for her newsletter – which will only benefit you in the end!

In other words, don’t

Side Note Trivia

Lauren uses a really cool built-in WordPress system which also feeds into a little known marketing process. My mentor, Justin Popovic, called this “The Freebie Portal”.

She releases the password to the individual blog posts with the secret “bootie” which encourages you to really keep an eye out for her newsletter – which will only benefit you in the end!

To apply this trick, just password protect the WordPress posts, and request they get the VIP newsletter to keep access to the password.

I would suggest you also try it- it keeps people hooked and less likely to unsubscribe out of boredom.

More About Lauren Clemett

At 8 years old, Lauren was told she had ‘word blindness’ and would never be able to read or write properly.  She went on to become a five time best selling author and Stevie award winning neurobranding expert, having worked within world leading advertising agencies as a brand manager, using her dyslexia disability as her greatest asset – to understand how the brain sees brands.

She has over 25 years in the marketing communications arena; within world leading advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi, Clemenger BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather and Grey Worldwide, owning her own agency, Evergreen, focusing on baby boomer marketing and was brand manager for AXA, delivering the International Rugby World Sevens Tournament.

You can read more at her website here … https://theaudaciousagency.com/about/

Lauren on stage in her Red Branding and with a brain in her hand!

Lauren’s Favourite Quote

 “Between the idea and reality lies the shadow”. T.S Elliot

Follow Lauren

Via her website – https://theaudaciousagency.com/

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