Latifa will show you how to document your processes

Latifa did an outstanding presentation on how to create a standard operating procedure including the things that must go into one from update dates to step by step process or checklist and more.

If you would like to see the replay please check it out here

And if you want to know more and Tifa see below. P.S. Don’t forget to thank you in the comments and congratulate her on her first international presentation!

Latifa’s Gift to you

Latifa is offering a consultation on how to set up your SOPs
You can book a call with her for a brief chat

Want to start  creating SOPs and, have a handle on your social media management?
Check out Tifa’s Gift —>

More about Latifa Mkwawa

In her own words…

As a Virtual Business Manager (VBM), I support small businesses and professionals’ day-to-day tasks. My goal within a company or in one’s career is to help and improve processes used by internal and external stakeholders with agility, a growth mindset, and a hint of fun and bubbliness in it. 

With my skills from the corporate world, my role is to ensure clients focus on doing what they love and on their bigger picture. The basic services I offer are such as inbox management, proofreading and editing, virtual project/ task management however, a service offering can be customized according to a client’s pain ponts.

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Link to Tifa’s website and LinkedIn and

Want to start  creating SOPs and, have a handle on your social media management?
Then remember to check out Tifa’s Gift —>

Tifa’s favourite Quote

There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story – Maya Angelou

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