Heidi Schutter shows what Canva can do for your business

Heidi informed us of the difference between the Free and the Pro versions of Canva. She discussed what points you need to consider when you’re designing for clients. She also let her creative side shine by showing us how she uses Canva in her business. You will also see her demonstrate her Canva skills live by rising up to Mark’s “design” challenge.

If you would like to see the replay please check it out here

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More about Heidi Schutter

In her own words…

A dynamic woman of incredible tenacity, creativity and high energy with over 20 years of experience working within different sectors like mining, charity organisations, community development, government, research, corporate, advertising.

With my administrative, management, human resources, IT and creative skills, I have worked for a range of diverse companies and high level corporate jobs. These various employments built my character and developed me extensively. It gave me an eye-opener into how different systems and operations work.

I started my own company called Heidi’s Business Support Services in March 2012 but registered in 2017. I assist small business with their admin, IT, HR, data management, systems, presentations, social media presence, and so much more. Please see my website at https://heidisx.wixsite.com/hbss

As an energetic hands-on people’s person, qualified life skills coach practitioner/facilitator, and trained well-being officer, people comfortably lean to me for guidance.

I am quite thorough with my tasks as I love to work with checklists. I hold exceptional database and organizing skills which, along with my project management training, I incorporate into my daily work operations and pride myself in doing a job professionally and thoroughly. I enjoy meeting new people and believe that communication and respect is the essence of working successfully with people.

The principles of customer-centric service remain my focus. Professionalism, confidentiality, teamwork and integrity is important to me.

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