First, let me extend a big welcome to you for joining this amazing community. It wouldn’t be what it is without people like you.

And I promise to bring the best of me to you. You’ve made a wise investment in this membership and soon it will be time to reap the rewards.

But first. Let’s discuss getting the most of of this membership.

Getting Started

Step 1 – Join the Facebook group

The first thing you’ll want to do is request access to our FB group. This is because it may take me some time getting through the applications.

The group is hidden so you’ll need to fill out a form on this website giving me your Facebook email and I’ll add you up.

The Facebook group is an important part of the community aspect. It’s where you engage, not only with me, but with your peers. It’s a safe place to ask any question you want.

Step 2 – Check out our events page

Check out our events page here. This is where you’ll find out dates and times for the live webinars and coaching calls. It will also show the dates and times for the bonus workshop. Please note, I use EST (although I live in Brisbane, AU which relies on AEST).

Step 3 – Check out the trainings library

This is where I place the archived coaching calls, webinars, trainings, included workshops and coffee break code snippets.

You can filter by content type. For example, if you are looking only for the training snippets, you can filter the rest out.

Likewise, you can visit the archive pages at the bottom of the training page.

Getting the most out of this membership

Jump on the coaching calls whenever possible

I urge you to join the coaching calls. Bring your camera and microphone and we’ll all jump on zoom. It will be a live and interactive session.

In this session, I encourage you to talk about your struggles with WP and bring your questions. I may not have the answer up front, but others in the group may chime in. Plus I’ll research the answers for you!

Be active in the FB group and the training comments

This group is for you. Make the best of it by interacting, communicating and networking with other members. This includes giving encouragement in the Facebook group and leaving comments on the training. Don’t worry, outsiders can’t see the inner content only the shell of the lesson page.

Use your loyalty points wisely

Remember, there is a loyalty program built in. Every month you stay a member, you get $25 worth of credits to spend in my store on external workshops and services including personalised coaching.

Use these credits wisely and feel free to let them accumulate. Please note, I may put limits on services on a monthly basis so first in best served. The credits must also be used to pay for 100% of the purchase – no partial payments.

I also offer 10% discount on these products and services outside of the membership for as long as you are a member.

Please note, if you cancel and rejoin later, I cannot guarantee these perks. But if the group isn’t right for you, I totally understand.

Additional Notes & Summary

  • You must be logged in to access the training. But you will be able to see the list of training without being logged in here.
  • You can reference this welcome page anytime even if logged out. But the links to member areas like events will require you to be logged in.
  • You are totally free to join our affiliate program here on your dashboard. Just click on the appropriate tab. You can find it here
  • The link to the Facebook group will be given on this page but you won’t be able to access it until you are added manually by myself or an admin. You can find it here
  • All trainings will recorded and added to the Trainings page within 24 business hours.
  • You have a credits wallet that accumulates the longer you stay a member. I may also manually award individual credits points to celebrate great feats of your specific success.