Find Your Ideal Client

In this 90min interactive webinar, we’ll look at various ways to take your greatest passion-infused skills, most memorable experiences and even your quirky side so you can start focusing on marketing the best version of you!

Thursday, 27th January @ 4PM EST

Upon signup, you’ll get your complimentary worksheet and instructions on how to access the workshop

What You Will Learn

As you uncover your ideal marketing focus and work towards making 2022 your best freelancing year to date

We’ll look into the intersection between your skills, passions and core values so your business is not only profitable but feels exciting and a reflection of the true you!
We’ll help you pinpoint your joyful market and what to do if you feel this market is a dead end
Ultimately, you will learn how to market and stay on track giving back to you the power to say no to everything else

Meet Your Hosts

Mark Hunter

Mark has been in the service based field for over 10 years and is a total self confessed and proud WordPress Geek. If he were a superhero, it would probably be your goofy, but friendly neighbourhood Spiderman Web Developer.

Kat Birkett

Kat decided to become a solo entrepreneur in 2013 and created Ocean’s Edge Business Services. She is currently pivoting in her business to narrow down her niche so she can provide her services more effectively and efficiently while working with non-judgmental people who are joyful and solution oriented.

Nice Things Said

Tech is pretty frustrating. I just wanted to launch my membership site without worrying about the nitty gritty. But I also wanted my independence. Mark Hunter took me by the hand and helped me launch while explaining things “my way”. I really look forward to joining our next group call with Mark, Kat and our amazing Study Group family.

Elizabeth Hughes Callison

I have had the privilege of being part of Mark Hunter’s group while also following fellow member, Marie Mason. Both of them have given me awareness in the world of freelancing to further optimize the client communication process while doing so with confidence. Knowing I have a group of veterans to confide in is a great feeling!

Meryl Dayao
Karen K Testimonial Face

Mark Hunter of Mark of Approval Web & Marketing is not only an accomplished website developer, but, because of his extensive computer programming background, he can problem-solve the most unsolvable website issues. Mark has proven to be an invaluable resource in my and my client’s businesses. A true professional, with a good sense of humor and humility.

Karen Kannegiesser

Mark is VA Networking’s Web Developer. His extensive knowledge in the underworld side of WordPress, from both understanding the system inside out to the programming aspects, was a critical deciding factor for hiring.

Tawnya Sutherland

I needed to move my website from one hosting service to another. This can get complicated for the end user with limited technical knowledge. Mark did a fantastic job working through all the obstacles, and my site is working on the new hosting. Thanks, Mark for a great job!

James Edgar
Marie Mason

Mark and I have worked on various projects together because “we just click”. He not only encouraged me to start my Podcast but he took the time to understand how I learn so he could teach me WordPress. Mark is charming, super funny and talking to him is the highlight of any day.

Marie Mason
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