Marie Mason Talks Mindset Behind the Scenes

During our 2021 Summit for Freelancers, Marie Mason gave a wonderful, behind the scenes mindset booster to remind our team just how powerful we are. We are now releasing it publicly for the first time.

Defining Your Ideal Client Webinar

I am not oblivious to the reality of nightmare clients. Like the ones who will skip out on the final invoice or call you up after midnight to see if  the work they assigned 2 hrs ago is ready for tomorrow morning. And that’s why we had a webinar on this very topic in January 2022.

Mark Hunter – WordPress Workflows For A Client Winning Website

Mark showed us how to create a website that attracts clients as well as some underground techniques for improving your copy and design! Some Notable Highlights Download the Presentation Slides here as promised by Mark Let Mark know what you thought below…

Latifa Mkwawa

Latifa is an online business manager and consultant from Tanzania. Tifa gave an outstanding presentation on how to create a standard operating procedure. Some Notable Highlights You can also check out her freebies here: Please leave a comment below for Tifa and tell her your biggest takeaway. This was her largest online presentation to do …

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