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Your Dream Business on Your Terms?

You probably have a creative spark inside of you that needs expressing. And you likely have some great skills to build the business for you! That is not a lot to ask for…right?

Many of us choose to create our own business because we envision it putting us in control of our life and allowing us to work on our terms.

The journey can start to take some shaky twists and turns as our dream starts looking more like fairy tale fantasy. Oftentimes, we’ll find clients trying to lock a harness around us while witnessing our shady peers landing the perfect gig, doing some subpar work and leaving their client disillusioned for making the wrong choice.

Or we’ll come to the inevitable point where we need to focus and niche. But the fear of doing so…the fear of losing opportunity is just too much to bear alone…

Everybody needs somebody in their corner

When starting out, or considering a new idea, and that is why I created the WordPress Study Group Community, it’s nice to know you are not alone.

Here are some of the nice things you can look forward to when signing up to our FB based Group today

  • Ask questions to the members
  • Network with others members
  • Participate in challenges & be privy to special live FB trainings

Fill in your name and email to get a personal invitation to our WP Study Group Facebook Group and I’ll gift you my “Client Attracting Website” Video Presentation in the spirit of a fresh start.

Just want to check the group and join on your terms? That is cool too. Here’s the direct link when you are ready.

Meet Your Mentors

Mark Hunter

A bit about Mark and his BIO.

Karen Kannegiesser

A bit about Karen and her BIO.

Marie Mason

A bit about Marie and her BIO.

Heidi Schutter

A bit about Heidi and her BIO.

Our Community + you?

A bit about our Coummunity.

Kathie GM

A bit about Kathie and her BIO.


The team and myself are in the freelancer trenches every day and it has not gone unnoticed

I have had the privilege of being part of Mark Hunter’s group while also following fellow member, Marie Mason. Both of them have given me awareness in the world of freelancing to further optimise the client communication process while doing so with confidence, knowing I have a group of veterans to confide in.

Meryl Dayao

Mark is VA Networking’s Web Developer. His extensive knowledge in the underworld side of WordPress, from both understanding the system inside out to the programming aspects, was a critical deciding factor for hiring.

Tawnya Sutherland
Founder of VA Networking

Tech is pretty frustrating. I just wanted to launch my membership site without worrying about the nitty gritty. But I also wanted my independence. Mark Hunter took me by the hand, helped me launch while explaining things “my way”. And I really look forward to joining our next group call with our amazing family.

Elizabeth Hughs Callison

I needed to move my website from one hosting service to another. This can get complicated for the end user with limited technical knowledge. Mark did a fantastic job working through all the obstacles, and my site is working on the new hosting. Thanks, Mark for a great job!

James Edgar
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