Affiliate Program

Thank you for opting to learn more about our referral program.

By signing up and becoming approved as an affiliate, you will be able to promote both our membership and individual products using a tracking link. The tracking link holds a cookie – which is your key to getting commissions.

The link will work across our other networks by sending the link back to this site.

Here’s what you need to know about our affiliate program:

  • We work on a last cookie basis – this means your cookie can be overriden when another affiliate sends the same referral after you
  • However, once the referral has signed up to one of our products or free trainings, they are locked to you for three months and you earn commissions on anything they buy in that time period
  • The only exception is if an affiliate is granted an “affiliate specific discount code” they will get credit for that signup if the referral signed up using their discount code
  • But this will not affect you from continuing to receive your commissions on anything else that referral buys in the three months window if they signed up under you first

You may ask why the process has so many conditions? For example, why not just offer lifetime commissions?

It is because we want to give our marketers a chance to promote without feeling like they are running a futile campaign against other big marketers who do a massive promtion once, lock in all the lifetime referrals and never come back. That is not good for any of us!

We believe this is a fair approach that keeps things sustainable for all involved.

How to Sign Up

The process for signup is simple. Fill in this form here. We will then review your application and make our decision within 5 working days.

We typically process members and past partners quicker. If we do not know you, we may require some more background information.

When do we pay?

We pay out commissions every month on the last Monday of the month.

There is a minimum waiting period of 30 days. Meaning your commission will be unpaid for 30 days to account for possible chargebacks and fraud.

We do not pay out for refunded items.

How much are the commissions?

Commissions vary by product. Most on demand trainings are 50%.

We have not yet reopened the membership, but when it does, you’ll likely get referring referrals at 25% per month.

What do the statuses mean?

You’ll notice when you earn a commision, you’ll see some statuses on your affiliate dashboard.

A status of Unpaid means you are owed a referral amount but we are yet to process it.

Pending means the referral you sent us has not yet completed the transaction – they may have x-ed out before paying. Once they return to make the payment, they will be marked as unpaid.