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You will receive 100% commission for each signup on the first month and 50% commission as long as they remain a member.

That equals $9 per signup and $8.50 every month they remain a member thereafter.
We also offer a second tier with a 5% commission rate and a lifetime affiliate setup.

I am doing an official launch for the WP Study Group and looking for affiliates to promote it. If you would like to earn some extra income, and you have a list of subscribers interested in getting clients for their virtual service business; I encourage you to sign up.

The target audience is best focused towards those who provide technical services like WP or web design. But those looking to acquire new clients for an online service will also benefit.

We will be promoting the launch via a live webinar on the topic of getting clients through consultative positioning.

Here is a peek at the signup page:

Here’s how the process works:

  1. You sign up and grab your affiliate link for this promotion. Feel free to contact me if you have trouble with this step.
  2. You invite your subscribers to the free webinar. We provide you with email swipes to make it an easy promotion.
  3. After the webinar, subscribers will be invited to join the WP Study Group getting the first month for only $9 and each subsequent month for $17.

Sample Recording of Webinar

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Email Swipes

Swipe #1

Subject: Are prospective clients ignoring your proposals?


Have you ever answered an advertisement for a web design position, administrative position or even a digital marketing gig and heard nothing but crickets?

This is all too common. And the problem is usually one of two things…

#1. Many of your peers are also responding to the advert. This gives the prospect a lot of choices and sometimes you get lost in that flurry of proposals.

#2. The prospect just doesn’t see your proposal as being a good fit.

One good way of getting people to see your value is by positioning yourself as a consultant. You are not just offering your skills, you are letting them know how your skills can make them money.

That’s why I was super excited when Mark Hunter asked me to promote his upcoming webinar on “Value Bombs”.

If you are short on clients, or having trouble convincing them you are the right one for the gig, check out his webinar here:

In this presentation, Mark will show you 36 examples of value added advice that can help move clients’ businesses forward.

The best thing is you can take these examples and create your own “value bombs” to suit your situation.

Check it out and talk soon!

Swipe #2

Subject: 3 reasons you may not be landing client deals


Are you still struggling to find extra clients?

Maybe you’ve had a few conversations, things sounded good then it all went silent.

Three mistakes I’ve seen made that costs us clients are:

-Personality mismatch
-No online mark or presence
-Fear of sounding salesy

Now if it’s a personality mismatch, it’s probably best to let them move on. Rather than clashing heads.

If you are worried that your online activity is too sparse or you fear sounding salesy, now’s the time to start taking on a consultative tone.

Start off on the right foot and position yourself as, not only the expert in your skillset, but also the expert who can show them a return on investment for that skillset.

For example, you can publish different ways a web designer can improve conversion rates through strategic placement of offers.

And you can freely share these insights in, not only blog posts, but also strategy calls and email followups.

So, if you are looking to create additional value for your clients through your consulting and advice, consider checking out Mark Hunter’s upcoming Webinar on 36 Value Bombs to turn a maybe into a yes.

Check it out here:

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